About Dr. Linda

Dr. Linda is a Recovery Coach specializing in mentoring addicts and their families in recovery.

Treatment, wilderness, and transitional living programs are excellent and help both the family and the individual with the disease of addiction.   The crisis is broken and healing begins.  But what happens after the program is completed and everyone goes home so to speak? How does one adjust to the reality of life as it happens?  It isn’t magic.

Take it from someone who knows.  As a recovering addict, Dr. Linda has experienced firsthand the importance of bringing an addict and their family to a mutual understanding.  She doesn’t take “sides.” Her objective is to bring everyone together in order to create the ideal conditions in which permanent sobriety can be attained. Her mentoring style is very personal and tailored to your needs. She will meet with the addict, friends, and family on-site, as needed. You can rest assured that Dr. Linda will meet you wherever you are to walk side-by-side with you so a partnership of trust and support can develop.

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Email:  DrLinda@RecoveryPartners.net
Phone: (480) 206-3036
Web cam video conferencing:

Dr. Linda is available 24/7 by phone, email, webcam or in person (local and nationwide), to help you get through life’s daily challenges.